Games tagged as: Party

Move or Die: Unleashed

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Welcome to the world of marshmallows who are fighting over golden donuts! Blast, slap and bubble up your opponents, hop, dash and fly away to safety, and take the championship in this fast-paced battle of Warshmallows! One

dweeMIXED: Thwee Pack

Upon entering this dimension many years ago, magicdweedoo has proven to be relentless in his development and delivery of otherworldly multimedia experiences. dweeMIXED: Thwee Pack, a collection of remastered underground indie gaming staples, provides an essential guide


Monster Fruit Academy is an exciting parkour-style game. Experience challenges and adventures by working together, but still competing with one another, in single-player or four-player team modes. Players will be equipped with different types of cards and

Merek’s Market

Merek’s Market is a chaotic crafting game about running a medieval shop. We’ve all been that adventurer throwing down bags of gold to buy swords and shields, but what about the poor souls rushing around behind the

Hidden Paws

Open cars and boxes, rummage through piles of wood, search the forests. Cats are well hidden but they meow when you get near so listen closely and you might just be able to find them all. Features

Jumping Quest

Jumping Quest is a game where you need to jump and push people off the platform as quickly as possible. The problem is that every platform can disappear randomly, not to mention other players will try to

Space Party

“Space Party” is a party game to play with your friends in local multiplayer, where you will face each other to see who is the best at scoring and defending. The more players, the more chaotic the

Our Winter Sports

Everyone’s out in the snow for some frosty fun! Pass around the Joy-Con™ controller and compete with up to four players! Play 10 kinds of winter sports! There’s curling, ice hockey, snow mobile races, snowball fights, and

Our After-School Playzone

All kinds of excitement awaits you around the town! Pass the Joy-Con™ controllers around and play with up to 3 of your friends! Choose 1 of the 8 unique characters and it’s game on! Challenge your friends