Games tagged as: First-Person

World War: Tank Battle

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Post-apocalyptic story about two travelers who set out on a long journey in the wasteland, left by people after the pandemic. The disaster destroyed much of the world’s population, the infrastructure went wrong and the common life

Sniper Time: The Shooting Range

Test yourself at the firing range shooting different types of rifles competing with a stopwatch. Different levels and targets are waiting for you. Ready? Some tips for you. Use proper gun for each situation. When you’re getting

Space Stella: The Unknown Planet

Aliens invaded the planet that mankind was pioneering, and the exploration team went missing. The search team left to determine the cause, but their spaceship was attacked and only the main character survived. He fights a desperate

Alien Destroyer

Alien robots are attacking. The last piece of land is rapidly collapsing. Destroy all enemies and survive. To get your Full Code, You must Complete 1 Offer From below!After You're Done the Full Code will Unlock!After you

Pandemic Shooter

FEATURES: ▪ Up to 8 hours of the FPS zombie massacre! ▪ Endless Mode! Unlocked on completing all the levels. ▪ Original dark humor. All major conspiracy theories included 😉 ▪ Multiple in-game achievements. ▪ 16 different


Make your way through this hellish dimension. Destroy all monsters, crush their skulls. -Old school shooter with 90’s style graphics. -A wide variety of monsters. -Decent arsenal of powerful weapons. -Gloomy atmosphere. To get your Full Code,

Ziggurat 2

Ziggurat is back, and now it’s even better! Use powerful weapons and spells to break through hordes of enemies and explore laberynthine dungeons in this hectic roguelite FPS, while you improve your skills and discover new equipment.

Zombie Call: Trigger 3D

Once again a failed experiment has created deadly ZOMBIES that roam the whole United States. As an elite soldier, you must kill all of the deadly monsters to survive. Complete missions, ready your weapon, and become the

Death Park

In this scary game you should explore a huge abandoned amusement park with a creepy circus. Are you ready to face the true evil – the scary killer clown? Will you be able to solve all the