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All kinds of excitement awaits you around the town! Pass the Joy-Con™ controllers around and play with up to 3 of your friends! Choose 1 of the 8 unique characters and it’s game on! Challenge your friends with games like Penalty Shootout, RC Racing, and Squirt Gun Battle! Even playing solo, you won’t run out of things to do! Complete all sorts of missions to add to your Coin Collection! Try out a new strategy to get your highest score yet! With 12 exciting games to play, it’s party time! – Cardboard Sledding – Slide down the hill on your cardboard sled! – Stone Skipping – See how far you can make the stone skip on the water! – Tree Climbing – Race to the top and leave your rivals far below! – Fishing – Catch fish by the bucketload! – RC Racing – These cars are small but powerful! Rev those engines! – Pebble Tower – Pile those pebbles nice and high! Balance is key! – Penalty Shootout – Anticipate your opponent’s next move and block their shot! – Crayfish Catching – Memorize their location and catch those crustaceans! – Sumo Royale – Push and shove to knock your rivals out of the ring! – Bug Catching – Swing your net to collect insects! – Shoe Fling – Kick off your shoe and aim for a bullseye! – Squirt Gun Battle – Soak your rivals, but watch your water level!

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