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Will you be able to solve the magical crimes without making a mistake? If you like detective games and magic pay attention: this case is very special. Embark on a mysterious adventure and uncover the dark secrets surrounding the crimes of Polgar Magic Detective: Murder Mystery Journey . A writer has been found dead under strange circumstances at his home. The house is a mess. There is evidence that a magical creature was responsible for this, but who is using the magical beasts to take the law into their own hands? Investigate a supernatural criminal case: collect and uncover all the evidence, interpret the clues and solve the case. Make decisions: trust your instinct! This mystery game is up to you! Objects, sounds, runes, mystical elements: a wide range of content full of suspense and fantasy awaits you. Discover the bestiary: use logic to find the right creature, but be careful, look carefully at the clues to solve the case at the first attempt. Polgar Magic Detective: Murder Mystery Journey is an adventure of magical and supernatural crimes. With the help of the spirit Elpis, you will have to investigate each case full of hidden and mysterious evidence. Light torches to illuminate an abandoned tomb, listen to the strange sound coming from a dark forest, or dive into the depths of a lost sea. Download it now and start your magical adventure as a detective!

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