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Get a free Eshop code for Mario Kart 8, Feel the rush as your kart rockets across the ceiling and sky! Race upside-down and along walls on anti-gravity tracks in the most action-fueled Mario Kart™ game yet! Take on racers across the globe and share videos of your greatest moments via Mario Kart TV.* Driving up a waterfall or across the ceiling can provide an intense adrenaline rush, but that’s not all anti-gravity is good for. It also provides a wild new gameplay mechanic: if you collide into other racers in zero-g, you’ll earn speed boosts worth bragging about. Luckily, you can upload and share your best moments and watch your friends’ using the all-new Mario Kart TV.* It’s a great racing game, Returning features include 12-player online play*, gliders, underwater racing, motorbikes, and custom karts. You can even race as Bowser’s seven minions, the Koopalings! Race along walls and upside-down on twisting anti-gravity racetracks! Share highlight videos of your greatest moments with friends via the Mario Kart 8 Eshop Codes feature and Miiverse™* Race and battle with friends locally* or connect online to play with random players from around the world* Fan favorite features from past Mario Kart™ games include gliders, underwater racing, motorbikes, mid-air tricks, and more free wii u eshop codes For the first time ever, play as all seven of Bowser’s minions, the Koopalings! Crisp HD graphics and fluid animation offers players the most visually stunning Mario Kart™ yet! The new levitation and under-water elements area unit as swish collectively would expect. There wasn’t abundant of a learning curve. The new tracks, karts, and characters area unit all marvelous additions and there area unit returning favorites. If you likable Mario Kart within the past, this is often another fantastic entry into the series.
Additionally, the sport appearance attractive fully HD with 1080p at 60f/s. There area unit very little attentions to detail around each flip. The new courses honor thwomps and alternative secondary characters in artistic ways in which feel right. not like Sonic all-star sport, this game was straightforward to choose up and play from the beginning. you may most likely win your initial cup on your initial strive, however it gets tougher. Sonic gave American state management problems that needed an excessive amount of surplus talent and observe before I even began to build some headway within the game. That brings American state to the new battle. i feel the amendment is awe-inspiring. you’ll be able to battle in one-player mode with customizable settings on the Free Wii U Game Codes. there have been full sets of karts for the one-player battle, therefore i do not understand if multiplayer can feel area, however single player didn’t. this is often about to be the go-to game. It seemed to be pretty perfect therefore I give thanks Nintendo for putt the additional effort in. Hopefully there area unit surprises too, for after I get longer to play any within the game.

  • System: Wii U
  • Release Date: May 30, 2014
  • No. of Players: up to 8 players
  • Category: Sports, Racing
  • Publisher: Nintendo

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