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Game Overview

Fossil Fighters: Frontier, released in Japan originally as Fossil Fighters: Frontier, is a role-playing game for Nintendo 3DS. The latest game in the Fossil Fighters series delivers a first: Players can now hop into their vehicles and drive around exotic locations to excavate fossils, which transform into real-life dinosaurs known as Vivosaurs. Players battle their Vivosaur with wild Vivosaurs they encounter on digging adventures.


While driving, set off radar blasts to help discover dinosaur fossils. Different buggies possess different features. A racing buggy, for example, goes fast and allows players to reach faraway places, while a carrier buggy is great for transporting more items.
Unearth ancient dinosaur fossils that come to life and transform into Vivosaurs. Clean fossils using tools like hammers and drills on the Nintendo 3DS touch screen, but don’t be hasty: Carefully cleaning fossils makes the transformed Vivosaur more effective when it comes time to battle.
Using local online play, players can explore and excavate the dig sites as a three-player team.
Bring the Vivosaur you are training to join six-player local and online Vivosaur battles*, fighting three-on-three in a stadium.

Although the game has an original title, it is considered a spiritual successor of Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light, a “gaiden” or “spin-off” of the main Final Fantasy series, by its creators. Fossil Fighters: Frontier For the Sequel, the upgraded version of the original game was released on December 5th, 2013 in Japan, on which the European/American versions are based.

Game Info

  • Developers: Red Entertainment Corp. / Spike Chunsoft Co., Ltd.
  • Publishers: Nintendo
  • Release dates: Mar 20, 2015
  • Genre: Role-playing game
  • Game modes: up to 6 players
  • Platforms: Nintendo 3DS


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